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find local business 'made in WArrington' that offer creative, industry and services

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WA made! badge

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Download a badge from the designs below and display on you're website if your products and services are 'made in WArrington'

can i join?

Make yourself visible! You and your business can join if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Your business is registered in WArrington
  • Part of your business is located in WArrington
  • You have products manufactured in WArrington
  • Your website, print and any other form of media (even if its not digital) was made in WArrington

Now you are ready to choose a badge to place on your website!

Please contact the team if you have any questions regarding your qualification

choose a 'WA made' badge!

WA made! badge

Use one of the following badge styles and html (if required)

Dimensions: 120px x 120px (@2x Retina Displays)

<a href="" target="_blank" title="Visit to find out more about 'WA made!'"><img src="//[email protected]" border="0" alt="WA made!"/></a>

<a href="" target="_blank" title="Visit to find out more about 'WA made!'"><img src="//[email protected]" border="0" alt="WA made!"/></a>

<a href="" target="_blank" title="Visit to find out more about 'WA made!'"><img src="//[email protected]" border="0" alt="WA made!"/></a>

show you care!

Place your 'WA made' badge anywhere on your site, ensure it is visible and link back to

  • At the top of your website
  • With your other social buttons
  • With any partner or product logos
  • In the footer of the page

If there are constraints and you are unable to add a badge to your site, create a text link in the page footer ''

You can also include the 'WA made' badge in your offline/print media along with the web address

it's just the start for

We will soon list all business here who take part, and help make your business visible! Are you 'made in WArrington?'

where are you?

The town of WArrington is located in the county of Cheshire, in-between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester

Find out more about our location on Google Maps and more information can be found on Wikipedia

why WArrington?

There is such a diverse spread of business that all vary in size, offering 'quality and competitive' products and services

Here's why many relocate to and choose WArrington for their business:

  • Wide range of choice across Creative, Digital Media and Design through to Commercial and Manufacturing
  • Attracting top talent in all industries from the town and the North West's surrounding areas
  • Friendly for startups and small business with low cost office and creative space rental
  • Fantastic Fibre Broadband connectivity and 5G and 4G Mobile Broadband coverage*
  • Great transport links with the Motorway network: M6, M62, M56 and also the A49, A50
  • Located near 2 International Airport's that are within 30mins reach by road**
  • Fast direct train services between WArrington and London: 1hr 45mins with Avanti West Coast Trains!
  • New investment in HS2 Phase 2b which will serve Warrington, as well as Liverpool Lime Street and Runcorn where passengers can access the high speed network to Birmingham and London.

Compare this with other cities in the North West region, WArrington can help you and your business!

More information on why you should choose Warrington for business, visit Invest in Cheshire

The Town Of Many Industries

WArrington has a strong history with heavy industry for hundreds of years - from making glass, paper, wire, nails, leather and soap powder to name but a few!

The town is now a thriving business and commercial centre, with many of the high streets big names using the town and surrounding area's for head offices and distribution hubs!

You can find more historical information from the WArrington Museum & Art Gallery about the town's industrial heritage.

who created madeinWArrington?

We are WA Creative: A group for anyone working in the creative industries in and around Warrington. Whether you're studying, freelancing, working professionally or just interested, get involved in developing the creative, digital and arts industries in the town.

You can expect a very informal event with a couple of presentations and the opportunity to meet people working in your industry over a drink - or some hot cheesy nacho's!

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